About nightly mobile data discounts

By: Danilo Euser
This measure shows nothing but a lack of understanding in the importance of an adequate and consistent rest (the time our body expects and needs) for human well-being and health.
Added to this, we know that among the factors that most positively influence the good state of our immune system, is the quality rest.
On the other hand, an increase in negative psychological tendencies (altered and depressive emotional states, in addition to stress and anxiety) that may already be compromised due to confinement could occur. Also, a worsening of our metabolism could be unleashed, linked to a desynchronization of our cicardian rhythms (related to more incidence of cancer, neurodegenerative diseases and many other problems)…
So what is the objective of making this type of discount, I wonder myself? Is it just to incite the use of the Internet in negligent hours, promoting bad sleep habits and the bad use of technology?
My recommendation is none other than to keep health and well-being (both, your own and that of those around you) a top priority.

Traducido por Miguel González

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